White Rock Yoga

We provide a joyous, friendly, and deeply supportive community, where instructors help you listen to your body and modify poses in any way that suits your current emotional and physical condition.

At White Rock Yoga...

...we thrive on learning about our students' particular needs and creating yoga classes with a positive, caring, and healing focus. We also support high quality fun and the regular practice of gratitude.

First Anniversary Celebration - September 5-10, 2017

Special events, deep discounts on class passes, and, of course, a party! Details to come.

Pre & Postnatal Yoga

Join other mothers-to-be as your little Goo-Roo grows. Moms can bring baby to class when your healthcare provider gives the OK. Classes on Thursdays, 6-7pm, and Sundays, noon - 1pm.

Check our Workshop Schedule

2nd Monday each month is the Acupuncture & Meditation Workshop, 8pm, $40/session or 3 for $100. Other workshops listed on the Workshops page.