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Holidays at White Rock Yoga

The holidays are upon us. It’s the season of love and peace and, at the same time, the traffic drives us crazy and our stress indicators rise. Give yourself the gift of yoga. We will be open the week between Christmas and New Years with a reduced class schedule.

Note the special New Year’s Day class January 1 at 10:30am. It’s a time to review and put to rest the past year and set your intentions for 2017. Make it a family experience or an opportunity to get out of the house. Bring your own journal or we will provide paper and pens.

2017 the year of the rooster and, in Chinese lore, the rooster symbolizes fidelity and punctuality. I like the idea of the rooster crowing to wake us up. The hate crimes and rampant anger in our country is a wake-up call for all of us. We have work to do and it starts with us. So crawl on your mat and start the process of making a better world.

The Yoga Store is open with a range of low-priced goodies for gifts. Caroline made some delightful origami crane earrings and Marianna made lavender scented eye pillows for final relaxation. We have scarves from Tibet and India, mala necklaces and bracelets, anklets, headbands, and yoga bags. Check it out.


NEW CLASS SCHEDULE starting January 2, 2017. We are making a few small changes in the class schedule. There will be new paper schedules available next week in the studio or click here.


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